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Thomas and Maud Nuttall

Thomas and Maud Nuttall.jpg
Framed photograph of Thomas and Maud Nuttall

Thomas, Louisa, Dorothy, Henry and Adela Nuttall

Louisa Nuttal with sons Thomas and Henry.jpg
A large mounted photograph of the Nuttall family

Louisa Nuttall

_Louisa Nuttall.jpg
B&W photograph of Louisa Nuttall

Henry William Reynolds

Sketch of Henry William Reynolds, published with the newspaper article regarding his court case.


In the 1930s Reg Williams was a trapeze artist, pictured here under his stage name of 'Delgado'. His act, called the 'Slide of Death', was a highlight of the Hippodrome Vaudeville Company's show.

Victoria Square Meeting

48032 Victoria square med-sized.jpg
Street meeting of Christchurch "Passive Resisters" who protested against the imprisonment of youths for non-compliance with the Defence Act. The meeting is believed to be have been held on 9 March 1912 in response to the imprisonment of members of…

Photo of David Gray

R22429763_Edited (Custom).jpg
David Gray, is the soldier seated left who is watching a fellow conscientious objector (CO) being dressed in military uniform. In 1917 Gray was one of 14 New Zealand COs transported to England, preparatory to sending them to the front line.


Robin and Fred Page

_B0K9394 Robin Fred and friends_edit.jpg
Robin Page, far right, is seen here with his younger brother Fred (second from the left) and two friends: Alf Paterson on the left, and Norman Richmond, in uniform. Fred, who was a schoolboy when Robin was in prison, cycled from his home in Papanui…

Waikeria Prison

Waikeria Prison.jpg
This image of Waikeria Prison comes from a Government Publication called 'The Evolution of the Prison System', published in 1923. It shows a view of the prison from Reservoir Hill.

We'll Set the Children Free

A357! Folder 158 Item 233-Edited.jpg
Song sheet for We'll Set the Children Free, set to the tune of John Brown's Body. Copies of the song were handed out at a demonstration outside the Lyttelton Gaol in March 1912.