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A family occasion at the McCombs family home

Members of the Socialist Church included James and Elizabeth McCombs, and Stella and Christina Henderson (sisters of Elizabeth). This photo taken at the McCombs home includes James McCombs, seated centre on lawn, and Elizabeth, standing fourth from…

A Warning to Anti-Militarists Cartoon 1913

A357! Folder 136 Item 4.jpg
Newspaper cartoon 'A Warning to Anti-Militarists'

Ada Wells speaks to the National Council of Women

A photograph of Ada Wells, standing, speaking to the National Council of Women meeting in Wanganui in 1901

Ada Wells, 1918.

1980.175.89232 Ada Wells.jpg
A photograph of Ada Wells


Addington Railway Workshops

Canterbury Times, 6 August 1902 page 35 (Custom).tif
A newspaper photograph of the Addington Railway Workshops, where Harry Atkinson worked as a fitter and formed a life-long friendship with Jack McCullough.

Anti-Militarist pamphlet 1911

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Anti-Militarist Social pamphlet, 21 September 1911

Bob Semple release from prison

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Bob Semple welcomed after his release from prison for sedition

Bob Semple Workers

Bob Semple Workers 1911.jpg
A photograph of Bob Semple, adressing workers, 1911

Bob Semple Workers pamphlet

A357 Folder 229 R Semple copy.tiff
Workers pamphlet for Bob Semple talk after his release from prison for sedition.