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Maoriland Worker Cartoon (3)

This cartoon from the Maoriland Worker depicts the incident when Harry Atkinson was expelled from the A & P Show for giving out 'inflammatory and illegal' material.

Paddy Webb Observer Cartoon

Observer newspaper cartoon. The cartoon shows a conservative newspaper's view of Paddy Webb's incarceration.

Photograph Socialist Conference 1911

Group photo, taken at the Conference of Socialists, Wellington, 1911. Back row (from left): A Varella (Auckland), C Munnie (Wellington), T A Eagle (Huntly), M Silverstone (Feilding). Middle row (from left): G G Farland (Wellington), R Hogg (Gen Sec,…

Seditious prisoners and conscientious objectors fund

A history and accounting of the fund, which was set up in December 1916, to provide for objectors arrested under the War Regulations.


Observer Cartoon (1)

A cartoon showing a 'shirker' getting married in an attempt to avoid conscription.

Observer Cartoon (2)

Newspaper cartoon showing a 'shirker' seeking refuge in a religious organisation in an attempt to avoid conscription.

Observer (3)

Newspaper cartoon showing a 'shirker' lurking in the shadows, juxtaposed against the up-standing, brave soldier.

Paddy Webb

Paddy Webb.jpg
A photograph of Labour Member of Parliament for Buller, Paddy Webb, photographed 30 April 1934

Bob Semple Workers

Bob Semple Workers 1911.jpg
A photograph of Bob Semple, adressing workers, 1911

WEA foundation students 1915

2 Foundation students.jpg
Canterbury Workers' Educational Association foundation students in 1915. Reg Williams is standing in the back row, third from the left. Other anti-militarists in this group include Ted Howard, second from the right, back row, and Fred Cooke, first on…