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'A Unique Wartime Photograph'

A scan of a photograph reproduced in The Working Woman, March 1936, of conscientious objectors exercising in Paparua Prison, 1918

'Back to Civilization'

Climbing party at Mt Cook (Custom) cropped.jpg
Robin and Fred Page were keen trampers and did several challenging trips in the mountains. They are seen here with their climbing companions at Mt Cook on 2 January 1922. From left to right: Fred Page, Robin Page, E J Corcoran, E D R Smith, G A G…

'My Religion'

LAWE Socialist SS card My religion (Custom).jpg
Lincoln Efford's card that states 'My Religion', from the Socialist Sunday School, 1920s.

'Off to Ripa Island'

This cartoon from the Maoriland Worker newspaper shows passive resisters being marched to Ripapa Island in Lyttleton Harbour.

'The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World'

A357 Folder 195 Rocks the Cradle (Custom).tif
'The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the World', a pamphlet produced by the National Peace Council and the Anti-Militarist League in August 1913.

'To the Women of New Zealand'

A357 Folder 196 Women of NZ (Custom).tif
A pamphlet written by Ada Wells and Sarah Page and published by the National Peace Council

'Workers Awake' card

A357 Folder 196 Workers, Awake (Custom).tif
'Workers Awake'. This card was produced by the National Peace Council, presumably for distribution to work-sites around the city. It quotes Ramsay McDonald, one of the founders of the British Labour Party, who during the First World War was a Labour…

A family occasion at the McCombs family home

Members of the Socialist Church included James and Elizabeth McCombs, and Stella and Christina Henderson (sisters of Elizabeth). This photo taken at the McCombs home includes James McCombs, seated centre on lawn, and Elizabeth, standing fourth from…

A Warning to Anti-Militarists Cartoon 1913

A357! Folder 136 Item 4.jpg
Newspaper cartoon 'A Warning to Anti-Militarists'