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In the 1930s Reg Williams was a trapeze artist, pictured here under his stage name of 'Delgado'. His act, called the 'Slide of Death', was a highlight of the Hippodrome Vaudeville Company's show.

Waikeria Prison

Waikeria Prison.jpg
This image of Waikeria Prison comes from a Government Publication called 'The Evolution of the Prison System', published in 1923. It shows a view of the prison from Reservoir Hill.

Passive Resisters' Union Pamphlet

A357! Folder 206 We Will Not Obey.jpg
A pamphlet produced by the Passive Resisters' Union explaining the organisation's opposition to the Defence Act.

Passive Resisters' Union Temuka Meeting Flyer

A357! Folder 206 25 November.jpg
Flyer advertising a Passive Resisters' Union meeting near the Post Office, Temuka, 25 November 1912.

WEA foundation students 1915

2 Foundation students.jpg
Canterbury Workers' Educational Association foundation students in 1915. Reg Williams is standing in the back row, third from the left. Other anti-militarists in this group include Ted Howard, second from the right, back row, and Fred Cooke, first on…