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Photograph Socialist Conference 1909

Group photo, taken at the Conference of Socialists, Wellington, 1909.

Ada Wells speaks to the National Council of Women

A photograph of Ada Wells, standing, speaking to the National Council of Women meeting in Wanganui in 1901

Sketch of Robin Page

A sketch of Robin Page done by fellow conscientious objector, Duncan McCormack.


In the 1930s Reg Williams was a trapeze artist, pictured here under his stage name of 'Delgado'. His act, called the 'Slide of Death', was a highlight of the Hippodrome Vaudeville Company's show.

Photograph of Bob Semple and Harry Holland

Semple and Holland.jpg
The photograph is a picture of Bob Semple and Harry Holland in Petone, Wellington.

Photograph of Bob Semple in his role as Minister of National Service

Semple ballot.jpg
A photograph of Bob Semple. The photograph shows Bob Semple, as Minister of National Service, drawing the first marble (quota of 2000) in the Territorial Service ballot in Wellington. Also in attendance are, from left to right: Colonel O H Mead, DSO,…

Tim Armstrong 1939

Armstrong 1939.jpg
A newspaper photograph of Tim Armstrong (left), with Michael Joseph Savage and Dan Sullivan.

Ernest Edward Munns

1980.175.57704 Mr E E Munns resized.jpg
Ernest Munns was a salesman for the Crown Clothing Company and a member of the Richmond Mission at the time of his hearing before the Military Service Board in Christchurch in December 1917. His objections to military service were on religious…

William and Sarah Annie Ensom

1980.175.25469 Ann and William Ensom.jpg
A photograph of William and Sarah Annie Ensom, long-term supporters of the National Peace Council.

Photograph of Fred Cooke

The photograph is a profile picture of Fred Cooke.