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'New Zealand and Conscription: The Sellar Case' pamphlet

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A four-page pamphlet published by T. C. Gregory of Bristol which features the Sellar family who returned to Britain after their two sons resisted compulsory military training and spent time in Whanganui Prison as a result.

'Don't Emigrate to New Zealand! Why?' Leaflet

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A one-page leaflet published by T. C. Gregory of Bristol which warns against emigrating to New Zealand on one side, with warnings about Australia and South Africa on the reverse side.

'Conscription in New Zealand and Australia' pamphlet

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The front page of a pamphlet compiled and published by T.C. Gregory of Bristol which contains writing from both Britain and New Zealand. Included are an article by E.H.C. Ridder of Christchurch, the Maoriland Workers 'Roll of Honour', and a reprint…

'Warning to Emigrants' pamphlet

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The front cover of a pamphlet published by T. C. Gregory of Bristol. It was compiled from writing by New Zealanders and included extracts from C. Reginald Ford's booklet 'A Criticism of the Defence Act'; a statement about the Defence Act by P. J.…

Silas Stedman in uniform

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Photograph of Silas Stedman in military uniform

New Zealand Socialist Party Conference, 1910

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When the New Zealand Socialist Party held its annual conference in Christchurch in March 1910, Fred Cooke and his wife Ida were among the delegates attending. Fred was one of the three Christchurch delegates to the conference and Ida was attending as…